Candies In Dubai

Most of us in Dubai are used to having everything delivered to our doorsteps. The exhilaration of a goodbaqala hunt is unlike anything else I've ever experienced. Reliving your childhood by sifting through all the rubbish and finding treasures like favorite candies. Shock when being told by the cashier that it costs 1 dirham.

I recently visited a few baqalas to compile this list of fun, low-cost activities for you guys. Please share your favorite candy with the rest of us in the comments section; five isn't nearly enough to cover the wide variety of sugary delights available.

5 Best Candies from the UAE

1. Choki Choki

That little plastic tube of chocolate spread may not be as delicious as you'd hoped, but squeezing every last drop out of the tube with your teeth is so rewarding! Also, at 50 fils per stick, it's a bargain at 1.5 dirhams for a pack of three.

2. Cow chews

One of my favorite childhood treats! These classic treats are as delicious as they are decadent. Every time I see a pack at the baqala, I still get a little giddy.

3. Marshmallow ropes

Everyone knows the type: those who just bite into their marshmallows without thinking, and those who think about the color they're eating. I'm in the second group, although I'm happy with either method.

4. Kopiko

These were a favorite of my best friend's as a child. Until recently, I didn't get it. Sweet and robust, this coffee-flavored candy costs only one dirham each pack!

5. Sesame or Peanut Brittle

If you're looking for a dentist, these folks are a touch more aggressive It was only 50 fils apiece, so I decided to buy them nonetheless. They were a deliciously sweet and crispy snack.

Best Candy Stores in Dubai

During the monotonous workdays and the same days, everyone has the need to indulge in sweets that are delicious, mouthwatering, and seductive. If you're in the mood for sweets or tart candies, you'll find plenty of options around the world. You may also find candy shops in Dubai, and if you have the time to hunt around, you'll find exotic tart sweets as well.

Some places where you can buy sweets have been compiled for your convenience (and much more). The greatest candy stores in Dubai are listed below, so you can stock up on all the sweets you can handle.

1. Candylicious

Candylicious, a sweet shop located next to the Dubai Aquarium in The Dubai Mall, is a must-visit. With a floor area of more than 10,000 square feet, this is often considered the largest sweet shop in the world. Assorted candies, chocolates, lollipops, jelly beans, and more are available in an array of colors and sizes, and some are creatively branded for specific companies.

2. Atayeb Chocolate

If you're a chocoholic, Atayeb Chocolate is the perfect place for you. This candy store has a wide variety of chocolates from Lebanon, Belgium, the United Kingdom, and other nations, and the stakes are quite high if you don't buy all of them. When it comes to chocolate, there is no limit to how much you may eat at this shop, and you won't have to establish one for yourself.

3. Vivel Patisserie

At Vivel Patisserie, you'll find everything sweet and decadent, from the finest candies to the most divine chocolate cakes and truffles. Djungelvral and Tyrkisk Peber, two of Sweden's most popular confections, are among the must-haves. Besides European sweet cakes and French truffles, you can also get Arabian and Persian sweets at Vivel Patisserie, and you won't regret a single one of your choices!

4. ChoCo’a

ChoCo'a stands out from the others on this list of Dubai's candy shops because it offers chocolate-covered dried fruits and nuts in an array of flavors that is simply impossible to resist. You can also bring back gifts for your family and friends, as the chocolates here come in gorgeous packaging and gift baskets, making them excellent for individuals who enjoy receiving gifts!! In the case of souvenirs, chocolates may not be the best choice, but they'll certainly bring back memories of your vacation to Dubai!

5. Papabubble

Papabubble is a must-visit for candy enthusiasts who crave the spiciest and most sugary delights in Dubai. It's like a candy factory, where visitors can watch how the treats are created, sculpted, and packaged. Every visitor is greeted by a team of confectionery experts who are eager to show visitors how their favorite sweets are manufactured and designed to satisfy their needs. Isn't it incredible?

6. Al Baba Sweets

If you're in the mood for a sweet treat, head to Al Baba Sweets, a shop run by Lebanese confectioners. You may have a sugar rush or worry about the calories after eating baklava, mammoul, and other tantalizing desserts and truffles. But if you ever feel like you're missing out, simply think back to the memories of those beautiful and delicious cakes and you'll be sure to receive a taste of them in your mouth! So, while you're snorting sugar, try not to stress too much.

All sweets lovers and foodies should make a point to visit these fantastic confectionery establishments! If you're ever in Dubai, don't miss out on the chance to sample some of the world's most delicious candy! Make sure to check out these stores and their confectionery wonders the next time you're in Dubai; you'll be glad you did! You'll have a lot of fun!

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