Empire Wellness CBD Hemp Flower Review

Empire Wellness CBD Hemp Flower is a Colorado-based company that focuses on producing high quality and potent products using state-of-the-art technology. The brand has a limited line-up of products made from premium hemp flowers cultivated in their own hemp farms.

The company works closely with experts in the hemp industry that include farmers, chemists, technicians, and doctors under the strictest quality control protocols to develop the industry's finest CBD products. All the Empire Wellness line-up products contain 99% pure cannabidiol concentrates for potency and positive effects.

Even the concentrates used in the products come from the company's hemp farms that grow the best hemp flower strains in the best environment for the highest quality and returns.

Products Offered

Empire Wellness CBD Hemp Flower does not offer a large number of strains. The strains go through a modest but careful selection and thoughtful growth processes in the company's hemp farms. Even with the small number of strains on their line-up, Empire Wellness is a force to reckon with in the hemp market.

Buyers that spend their money on the available strains appreciate the effort put into making them the best. The bestselling strains are Green Gum and Frost Bite. Narnia strain, a deep purple cultivar and new in the market, is another strain gaining popularity as the other two.

Besides the strains, other hot-selling products on the line-up include the crystal CBD isolate, CBD oil, candies, gummies, relaxation syrup, and resin wax. The crystal CBD isolate is especially a favorite with many buyers because of its potency and versatility. The crystals are effective in helping with the relief of body and mind nuances.

Discounts and Coupons

Empire Wellness provides buyers with the most affordable products. Because of the fair prices, the company does not offer discounts, coupons, or promotional deals. However, buyers that want to save on their purchases get discounts by buying products wholesale.

The company has a strict wholesalers program that does not accommodate every buyer that wants to buy wholesale. Buyers purchasing the products for personal consumption are not eligible for the wholesaler's program. If you want to buy resale products, you can also benefit from the wholesaler program to help you profit.

 Legal Compliance

Empire Wellness follows all the government's rules and regulations in all 50 states of the USA. The company complies with the Farm Act and uses only premium industrial hemp for all its products. The CBD content in the products is 99% CBD, and they contain the stipulated maximum of 0.3% THC content that ensures they do not contain any psychoactive effects.

The company does not claim to cure or treat any conditions, diseases, or illnesses with their safe and compliant products. The company urges all its buyers to seek professional medical practitioners' advice before they incorporate any of the CBD products into their health medications.


  • Has a line-up of products with high CBD content
  • Complies with the government laws and regulations
  • Uses state-of-the-art technology for the cultivation and production processes
  • Runs a wholesaler program with discounted prices


  • Does not offer discounts and coupons to buyers that are not buying in wholesale
  • No shipping details
  • A limited number of strains

 What People Say

One of the things buyers love about Empire Wellness is the potency of the products. Even though the company provides a limited number of products, they are of the highest quality with positive and fast-acting effects that attract buyers' positivity.

The affordable prices of the products are also another thing the buyers like bout the brand. The company also gains a lot of respect for their excellent customer service that is highly approachable, responsive, and reliable both before and after-sales.

Wrapping it up

Empire Wellness is proof that you do not have to be big to go big. The brand has a limited number of products yet. It does better than many other hemp brands with vast ranges of products. Having a smaller line-up makes it easier to carry out the maximum control protocols to ensure the best quality, potency, and fast-acting effects.

The brand is also proof that you have to raise the prices to cover up for a larger product line-up. Empire Wellness provides affordable, safe, and legally compliant products, and to top it all, the company has a reliable and responsive customer service that has your back always.

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