Where Is The World’s Largest Golf Resort

For centuries golf has been a popular sport across the world and boasts of over 450 million fans in North America, Europe, and Asia. The sport was first played in Scotland in the 15th century and then spread to other parts of the world. Today, golf is mainly played in designated locations referred to as golf courses. There are many golf courses around the globe, but the largest, most famous, and Guinness World Record holder is the Mission Hills Golf Club located in Shenzhen, China.

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About the Golf Club

The Mission Hills Golf Club is simply a golfing facility that is owned and run by the Mission Hills Group. The club was established in 1992 and was acknowledged as the largest golfing facility in the world in 2004, a position it holds to date. The facility is located in Guanlan town and it has inspired the growth of the town even though its construction was highly controversial. The resort is about one hour from Hong King and a perfect place for someone who wants to tour this City.

Golf Courses

The Mission Hills Golf Club has 12 unique golf courses and this is why it attracts a large fan base of golfers. All the courses in this club were designed by famous golf personalities. 11 of these courses were specifically meant for championships since tournaments can be played on this golfing facility. It is good to note that some of the courses in this golf club are sectioned off for club members only. Although the golf course is situated in China, the only Chinese designer who designed a course at this club is Zhang Lian-We. Other renowned designers who took part in the construction of the golf courses include Jack William Nicklaus and Theodore Ernest Els who designed the World Cup Course and the Else Course respectively. Annika Sörenstam was the only female designer from Sweden who created the Annika Course.


There are many golf courses for everyone to play at the popular Mission Hills Resort. However, the resort has other great amenities that golfers can enjoy. The golf club also has other popular facilities like a golfing academy and a country club. In addition, the country club is the largest tennis center in Asia with 52 courts and one stadium court that can accommodate 3000 fans. The golf club also has clubhouses, a spar, and 5-star hotels. The Mission Hills Group has also built the Mission Hill Centerville that will consist of a theatre, hotel, and apartments. This is definitely a great facility since everyone can find something to do at the largest golf resort in the world to ensure they have a good time and keep themselves busy.

The Mission Hills Golf Club has attracted prominent golfers from across the globe including Annika Sorenstam and Tiger Woods. In addition to international golfers, the resort has also attracted celebrities, businesspeople, and politicians from around the world. There are very few golf resorts in the world where people can just spend an entire week without flying or driving around and still not get bored. And, this is why the Mission Hills Golf Club should be every golfer’s dream to just play there and enjoy the cool and relaxed countryside atmosphere.

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